Matcha Chia pudding for breakfast

Matcha Chia pudding for breakfast

So you all know by now I am a huge lover for matcha because of its super antioxidant power:) This coupled with chia seeds gives a super antioxidant boost:) I have recipe for you all that combines these two which makes a great alternative to your usual oats/Weetabix breakfast, well my usual that is- Matcha chia pudding for breakfast.

Matcha chia pudding

Thanks Might Matcha for this little pot of goodness.

This green powder goes a lot further than your usual matcha lattes. You can combine them in your brownie mixture, add them to any type of dessert, pancakes, you name it.

I have a recipe for you with chia seeds:) I like to kick-start my day the right way. As the saying goes; ”start the day right and the rest of the day will follow suit”.

Matcha chia seed pudding

For one cup:

-Half a teaspoon of matcha powder. I like these

-A quarter cup of almond milk

-About five teaspoons of chia seeds

-A teaspoon of maple syrup

-Some granola

-Fruit of choice

-Low fat Greek yoghurt

1-Add your chia to a glass cup with your almond milk

2-Stir in the matcha powder with maple syrup

3- Place in the fridge for an hour two until the mixture thickens

4-Sprinkle on your granola and layer on the yoghurt with fruit

5-Pop back in the fridge for chilling.

I usually make this the night before so that it is all ready for breakfast time the following day:)

Matcha chia pudding mighty matchaMighty matcha chia pudding

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