How to make perfect poached eggs

How to make perfect poached eggs


For those of you that crave eggs in the morning but instead wake up, grab a bowl, pour yourself some cereal, take 5 minutes to down it and rush off to work, then this post is for you:) It all boils down to using your time efficiently!

1-When you wake up, add some water in a pan and let it boil while you get on with your daily routine.

2- Add a few drops of white vinegar to prevent the white of eggs running into the water

3-Line a small short cup with cling film and add some oil/butter

4-Crack your egg into it and wrap it up like a sweet wrapper

5-Turn down the heat and slowly place the wrapped up egg in the water and allow to cook for about 3-4 minutes. In the meantime, get on instagram, tweet, (or better tweet this post) or do whatever you usually do and before you know it, the eggs are ready.

6-Perfect on toast with some avocado or rocket leaves and some mushroom. I couldn’t resist crumpets that were in my sight so my breakfast involved eggs on crumpets avec rocket and mushroom.

An eggcellent breakfast I say.

How do you have your eggs? Drop me a line below.



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