Grain-free banana and carrot cake:)

Grain-free banana and carrot cake:)


It is that time again for another grain-free , sugar- free cake for all you healthy ones out there! For this I used solely coconut flour, although it is meant to contain some almond flour, hence it is a little crumbly and used a bit less honey and dairy-free butter.

What you need:

1/2 cup of almond flour

1/2 cup of coconut flour

4 eggs

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and baking powder and vanilla essence

3 bananas mashed

A pinch of salt

2 tablespoons of mixed seeds

1/4 cup of honey/agave syrup

1 carrot, grated

Half a cup of dairy-free melted margarine

A sprinkle of coconut flakes


1-Set oven on 180 degrees Celsius. Place your almond and coconut flour in a  bowl together with the baking powder and pinch of salt and mix to get rid of lumps

2-In another bowl mash the bananas and add the eggs and whisk together with the cinnamon, vanilla essence and honey. Slowly add the flour mixture and mix by hand.



3-Add the margarine and mix thoroughly

4-Add the carrots and mixed seeds and mix using a wooden spoon

5-Grease your tin and add your mixture. Sprinkle a handful of coconut flakes on top and place in the oven for around 40-45 minutes until a knife comes out clean and the top of the mixture is slightly golden


IMG_9505Make yourself a cup of coffee and cut your self a slice or tea and sit back and enjoy. It makes a great treat for when you have friends/mums around for tea.

If you want to reduce the honey, I would compensate with adding a bit more cinnamon and vanilla essence. Cinnamon gives it a very Autumn feel to it:)



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