You got to thai this raw salad, it’s super duper healthy

You got to thai this raw salad, it’s super duper healthy

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Thai this raw salad and this will be your regular lunch/dinner option forever:)

I for one hate deciding on what to cook. Who shares the same boat as me? I am sure many of you get home after 6pm which doesn’t leave much time to cook up a decent meal right? It is always a quick pasta, grilled fish or maybe you are a beans on toast kinda person.

Well here is one idea for you: Raw Pad Thai salad:) it is super healthy and quick to make and absolutely delicious and filling. The best part of it all- NO COOKING involved. Ticks all the boxes I reckon. Great idea for a date night in also so I’ve put together a recipe for a cosy twosome. Three’s a crowd.

All you need for 2:

2 courgettes

3 carrots

2 lemongrass stalks

a piece of ginger

50g of cashew nuts (soaked in water for at least 2 hours )

50g of beans

50g of asparagus

a sprig of spring lemon

half a lemon and zest

1 tbs of olive oil

3tbs of water

pinch of salt

pinch of paprika

half red pepper


1-Drain your soaked cashew nuts and grind in a food mixer with the lemon stalks olive oil, water, lemon juice and zest, ginger, paprika and salt

2-Add more water or oil for a thick creamy type mixture and set aside.

photo 4

3-Use a spirilizer to cut up your carrots and courgettes

4-Cut your beans, asparagus and spring onions diagonally

5-Cut your pepper into stripes

6-Arrange your courgettes and carrots first and the rest of the vegetables

photo 2

7-You can either put the cashew sauce on top

photo 5

8- Or mix it in your salad

photo 2 (2)

That’s it all done:)

Chop sticks ready, pad thai ready, munch time:)

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