Mocha Frappuccino using raw cacao and almond milk. My fix for the Summer days

Mocha Frappuccino using raw cacao and almond milk. My fix for the Summer days

Even though the weather may not reflect the Season of Summer we are currently in, that doesn’t mean we cannot indulge in Frappes (my favourite iced drink) EVERRRRRR! frapp 2

I sat at my computer one evening and got a sudden craving for a Frappe. If I was in Egypt, I would have hopped into an Uber and headed straight to the nearest Starbucks cafe. (I say nearest but with Cairo traffic, it would have probably taken me half an hour #Cairotrafficsucks). As it was well past the 6′ o clock cut off time, I took it upon myself to satisfy my desire with a home-made Mocha Frapuccino. I raided my cupboard to see if I had all my ingredients or anything that comes close to it. I was in luck. You are going to love this recipe, it was too good not to share. As the saying goes ”sharing is caring” which I was trying to drum into my little tot yesterday. I literally had to fight for half of a cupcake which he agreed to share initially, but to be fair that was before he caught sight of the generous helping of sprinkles that covered the cupcake.

Anyway, back to this seriously tasty Frappuccino. This is a recipe for a Mocha Frappe, but you can adjust the recipe to what your heart desires.

For 1 large Frappuccino:

-A couple of dark chocolate squares (Green and Blacks are my favourite)

-1 cup of brewed coffee

-1 cup of cooled hot chocolate drink  (I use raw cacao powder and almond milk)

-Two handfuls of crushed ice

-1 tbsp of maple syrup

(Depending on how big your cup is, use half a cup of the coffee and hot chocolate)


1-Make your coffee. I added only 1tsp of coffee as I like mine weak, but add 2 for a normal cup

2-Make your hot chocolate and allow to cool

3- Put the two together with the crushed ice cubes and maple syrup in a blender and blend.

4-Add more maple syrup if needed. Finish with dark chocolate squares  and drink immediately

Stick your straw in it and slurp like there is no tomorrow.

Go on give it a try, a total must.frapp 2frapp

Who needs Starbucks when you can make your own version of healthy Frappuccino with Zero refined sugar.

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