Carb free, Gluten free sandwiches

Carb free, Gluten free sandwiches


For all you sandwich lovers out there that want a little break from carbs, then I have the perfect idea for you. Who would have thought carb free sandwiches would taste this good and easy peesy to make.

Those gluten-free souls out there would also benefit from this.

If we minus the bread from a sandwich but keep everything else pretty much the same, what can we use instead of bread? VEGETABLES! yes you read right.

Here are just 2 ideas using mushrooms and aubergine but you can also use tomatoes, cucumbers, and pretty much anything else that you think could work.


Get a plate of fillings all ready before you start.




You must use the large mushrooms here to get a decent looking size sandwich. I would grill them in the oven for about 15 minutes first then layer on your fillings.


I grilled them in a grill machine for about 10 minutes but before-hand I soaked them in salty water to drain the water out of it. For those of you that were not paying attention during your biology lessons, the technical word that describes this is called ‘osmosis’. When you add salty water to the vegetable, the water from the aubergine gets drawn out into the surrounding water. This is an important step especially if you are frying them as this pre soaking stage prevents the aubergine absorbing  too much oil but also if you plan on keeping the skin intact, it helps to take away some of the bitterness taste.




If any of you have other carb free sandwiche ideas, I would love to hear them:)










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