Breakfast like an Egyptian

Breakfast like an Egyptian

I couldn’t keep this one to myself! It is way too good not to share.IMG_3171

After touch down in Cairo town, I literally cannot wait for my dose of falafels and foul (fava beans). Call me crazy, but it is my obsession.  I sound really local when I say this, but hey, it is the best thing ever! Maybe because we cannot get the falafels in London like in Cairo.

It is pure love but I actually I don’t eat like this everyday, because it is quit heavy in the mornings. I don’t think heart could take it.IMG_3172IMG_3173IMG_3174IMG_3175We didn’t have any of the foul at home (complete one off) so I settled for different cheeses, eggs, feteer and balady bread for breakfast. Oh and I can’t forget the picked olives, yup, I did say pickled olives. It does sound strange, but it goes very well with the white cheese (almost like feta cheese but softer). They have this special cheese which you cannot gt anywhere else- gibna roomi. It certainly is an acquired taste because its a very strong tasting cheese. My little tot hates it. I don’t complain, it means more for me.

You can recreate this breakfast using the following:

-Falafel recipe I have written about before using mixed seeds and baking the mixture (way healthier),

-Foul- cut up half an onion with some oil and throw your flava beans and cook with some salt and pepper and cumin powder

-What ever cheese you have at home, bring them to the table

-Make yourself scrambled eggs and cut up some sliced meat pates and scramble together. The Egyptian basterma (like salty beef) is toooo good.

Voila, your breakfast is served. Don’t forget the bread.

After my morning fuel, I was ready to seize the day, with play dates scheduled in involving a lot of running around and sitting in Cairo traffic, which consumes a 1000 calories with all the huffing/puffing and tutting.

Have a nice day London:) I am off to grab the little one away from the ipad. (Enough Dora the Explorer and let’s do our own exploring of Cairo town).




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