5 snacks that increase your metabolism helping to contribute to a healthy diet:)

IMG_0653After you are done with all the turkey, Christmas pudding and in my case, the overload of cake and chocolate, you are going to need to feast your eyes on this blog post. Let us start the New Year with a healthy attitude. 

I have listed out five snacks that increase your metabolism and help contribute to a healthy diet. It’s a good thing I love all five! Let the binging commence.

So in no particular order:


It contains butyric acid which is linked to reduce obesity, reduces hunger and increase metabolism. Studies have shown that natural cheese combined with whole grain bread, boots metabolism by nearly 50% more than processed cheese with white bread.

How I eat it: On crackers, in toasties (love melted cheese toasties, with tomato and a dash of mixed herbs and sometimes I add some Tuna for an extra protein kick)

2- Apples

Eating two apples a day is enough to fill your ‘5 a day of fruit and veg intake’. It contains Vitamin C and makes you feel fuller without high intake of calories.

How I eat it: I prefer the Granny Smith green apples over red apples because of it’s crunchier taste.

3-A handful of Almonds

In moderate amounts, it can help reduce heart disease as they are high in monosaturated fats. They also have low salt content and help you keep your weight down.

How I eat it: I love these as on the go snack and use Almond flour a lot when baking as an alternative to wheat flour.

4-Low fat plain Yoghurt

High in fibre, low in fat and low in calories so perfect as part of a healthy diet. It also contains probiotic so helps relieve digestive problems.

How I eat it: My favourite is 0% fat Greek yoghurt which I mix with honey and spread over whole grain toast or on crackers for a change instead of my usual cheese topping.


They are high in fat soluble fibre so requires a lot of energy to break down hence increases your metabolism. All health fanatics swear by this for breakfast to boost their metabolism and help keep your weight down. It also helps to reduces cholesterol and heart disease. An all rounder good choice for breakfast.

How I eat it: I love mixing my oats with warm milk and honey and slice banana on top with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.

What are your favourites?



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