3 step method to cracking open a coconut


I am still feeling in holiday beach mode, pretty surprising since we are experiencing monsoon season right now! I seem to be having a craving for coconuts and so made a trip to the supermarket to pick up a coconut for a surprising 80p from Tesco, How did I agree to pay 5 euros for it on Ibiza beach I ask myself.

So who avoids picking up a coconut at the supermarket? I for one walk straight passed it thinking it will be so difficult to open and don’t have time to sit there getting the hammer out and rummage around my kitchen to find any other device to crack it open.

Well here is a 3-step method that puts an end to that daunting coconut cracking method


1- Pierce through the three holes using a screw driver and hammer


2-Drain through the water into a bowl


3-Tap and rotate the coconut in the palm of your hand, and tapping the centre throughout the coconut until it cracks.



There you have it, see not that bad was it.

Coconut tastes great in salads when cut up in pieces, it gives salads that added freshness. You can also make shavings out of it and sprinkle on desserts or ice-cream. The liquid within the coconut can be used for cooking or poured into a glass as a cold drink.



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