Guilt free flourless cookies (gluten and dairy-free)

What great way to start the bank hols than some healthy baking.

Vogue Festival 2014

  Vogue and Harrods, thanks for making this happen!

Final day at Gouna, let’s yacht it out!

Nothing makes me happier than sitting on a yacht and staring into the ocean:) Yep too deep to take a plunge! Farewell shore. See you in a few hours at the least! Nothing beats a pair of denim shorts (Vero Moda) and a lace top (H&M). I thought I would brave it out and lay out on deck…

Spa time, some more sun and Pier 88

Some spa time is a definite must when holidaying don’t you all think? Whilst the group woke up and got ready at their usual snail pace speed, me and my sister thought it would be a good idea to check out the spa. We figured, being a five-star hotel, it’s got to be pretty awesome. I have…

Second Day of Sun at Gouna

The best way to start the day, a full on breakfast. I was spoilt for choice with the diversity of pastries, bread, salads, fruits, cereals and dessert stands. Some scrambled eggs with falafel and foul with a side of muesli and salad. No breakfast is complete without foul (broad beans) and falafel, well no egyptian breakfast is. Ok so the Egyptians…

Sun, Sea and Cocktails for the Next Few Days!

Bring on the Easter weekend. Sneak peek into my suitcase items. A pair of wedge sandals is a must for a beach holiday. When you don’t want to go all out and wear stiletto heels and you are uncertain of what the floor surfaces will be like, be it cobbly, stoned or marble, then these are the perfect…

Spring London showroom invitation:)

So I got really excited when invited to Spring London new showrrom at Dover Place.