Sun, Sea and Cocktails for the Next Few Days!

Bring on the Easter weekend. Sneak peek into my suitcase items. A pair of wedge sandals is a must for a beach holiday. When you don’t want to go all out and wear stiletto heels and you are uncertain of what the floor surfaces will be like, be it cobbly, stoned or marble, then these are the perfect…

Spring London showroom invitation:)

So I got really excited when invited to Spring London new showrrom at Dover Place.

Play Date At The Pottery Cafe

Getting arty at the Pottery Café.

Mummy Don’t Copy My Style

I was trying on my new babies from Aldo and noticed my little tot getting a wi bit jealous and decided to slip his feet into them thinking I wouldn’t notice! I think they kinda suit you.

Beifall (Cheers) To Bodo Schloss For a Great Evening

  My new obsession! Read on to find out why.

Sunshine, Some Chinese, and a lil Shopping:)

Some sunshine, Chinese food and shopping, what a great trio don’t you all think?