Enjoying the park, the royal way!

I look kinda tired don’t I? well my little tot hasn’t been sleeping too well! Thanks for the dark circles little man. I braved the tiredness and headed to Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground in Hyde Park with some other yummy mummies.

Mushroom canapes, small bites are all you need:)

These are divine and thank God they are just a mouthful portion because you could end up eating the whole plate if you are not careful!

Grass frolicking in Richmond park and a spot of picnic

In love with the view and this is just the beginning of the Richmond park.

5 uses for coconut oil, get excited!

One product FIVE uses, who would have thought it.  Five problems, one solution. I sound like the L’oreal advert a tad I know but keep reading, because you’re wortgh it:) We are seeing more and more  natural product that reap beauty benefits. Coconut oil is truly amazing, it is free from chemicals and 100 percent natural…

Make- ing it up at the IMAT and the first day of …

I love Make-up..and everytihing to do with it.

Having a lace-y moment

I was rumaging through my wardrobe pondering on what to wear today and I stumbled across my lace shorts hidden under a pile of other summer shorts and trousers. They were just screaming at me for rescue.  Since the sun made an appearance today, I thought what better day to slide myself into them than…