Overnight oat jar recipe

Oats have been my life for as long as I can remember. They make a perfect breakfast option for anyone at any age and you can make them as interesting as you like. Can I get an Amen! My chocolate overnight oat jar is to die for, and my favourite overnight oat jar flavour.

What Made Me Smile #74

I am back with my things that make me smile list. What a beautiful day it is today and has been this week so far. I do Love London when the sun is out. What have you all got planned for today? I am seeing some of my mum blogger friends for a catch up…

What Made Me Smile #73

The Royal Wedding was spectacular and for those of you that didn’t tune in, well you missed out. The hymns, the flowers and the ceremony was all so perfect. Harry is just adorable isn’t he and my heart sank when I came to know that he hand picked the flowers from his mums garden. Diana…

Monday Madness at My Old Dutch

If you are after some seriously good pancakes as a savoury or sweet dish, then head to My Old Dutch, only the best pancakes in London. They have a few dotted around London; High Holborn, Kings Road and Kensington High Street which is where I visited.

What Made Me Smile #72

London’s weather forecast showed plenty of sunshine. And what a gorgeous Bank Holiday it was fuelled with picnics, BBQs and outdoor brunching. It is always a struggle getting an outdoor seat anywhere in London when the weather is nice so if you do venture out, do try and get out early.

Vegan chickpea cookie dough

These Vegan chickpea cookie dough recipe are to die for. You can make them nut-free by omitting the almond butter ingredient. I have adapted them slightly from my previous post.

5 simple ways to save money

Saving money? Does that even exist in my vocabulary? Well it does now, and I have started to take on board some useful tips that I have come across and want to share with you 5 simple ways to save money. I have done a previous post on parental saving tips so do have a…