Fall knits that I am obsessed with right now.

So we are half way through September and Fall is just around the corner! Yikes, are we done with Summer yet?(Crying emoji insert here). I certainly am not. I could do with a few more wears out of my sandal and wedges, not to mention my shorts and tees. Who is ready for Fall? I…

Why I love Mondays

Why I love Mondays For me Mondays are the best day of the week. I am very much a planner and like to generally know what I’m doing Monday to Friday and get all the dates in my diary. So for me when Monday kicks in, I have the “I’m ready for this week” kind…

Must have bodysuits for the Summer

Your must have bodysuits for Summer. Now I say Summer, because I am hopeful that we will still have another month or so of gorgeous weather. I don’t think we can ever get bored of bodysuits I reckon. They make the perfect top when you want to look sexy (especially if it is a lace…

The best hotel in Amalfi Coast- La Sirenuse

The best hotel in Amalfi Coast has to be the La Sirenuse and is probably the best  instagrammable one too. My oh my was I taken back to this absolutely stunning hotel which is a real gem.

Real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento

Who isn’t a lover of Italian food? How can you not be. It is one of my favourite cuisines. I experienced  real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento at Pepe Bianco.

An afternoon well spent at the Lemon farm in Sorrento

One of the most exciting things I did on the trip was visit the lemon farm in Sorrento; the La Masseria Farm. It is a great idea and definitely should be included in your ”things to do list” if you have kids because they will absolutely love the whole experience. A trip to La Masseria…

10 random piece of advice

One day last week, I sat in my car thinking what piece of advice would I give myself. I came up with quite a few and thought I would share these with you. So read on for my 10 random piece of advice and let me know what you think below.