Christmas shopping stop over at Xenia hotel for a Sunday Prosecco Brunch

This hotel is a cute little gem located near Earls Court Station, in the heart of Kensington. It quite easy to miss if you don’t know that it is there as its camouflaged amongst other apartments and buildings on the same road, so now you all know about it, #youreaditherefirst.  It is a great location…

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in September

Do you know what is in season in September? I know, I know, we are nearing the end of September, and did have this post in my drafts folder for a while and just getting it finalised now. What can I say, I blame the busy mum life.

Fall knits that I am obsessed with right now.

So we are half way through September and Fall is just around the corner! Yikes, are we done with Summer yet?(Crying emoji insert here). I certainly am not. I could do with a few more wears out of my sandal and wedges, not to mention my shorts and tees. Who is ready for Fall? I…

Why I love Mondays

Why I love Mondays For me Mondays are the best day of the week. I am very much a planner and like to generally know what I’m doing Monday to Friday and get all the dates in my diary. So for me when Monday kicks in, I have the “I’m ready for this week” kind…

Must have bodysuits for the Summer

Your must have bodysuits for Summer. Now I say Summer, because I am hopeful that we will still have another month or so of gorgeous weather. I don’t think we can ever get bored of bodysuits I reckon. They make the perfect top when you want to look sexy (especially if it is a lace…

The best hotel in Amalfi Coast- La Sirenuse

The best hotel in Amalfi Coast has to be the La Sirenuse and is probably the best  instagrammable one too. My oh my was I taken back to this absolutely stunning hotel which is a real gem.

Real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento

Who isn’t a lover of Italian food? How can you not be. It is one of my favourite cuisines. I experienced  real authentic Italian food in the heart of Sorrento at Pepe Bianco.