What Made Me Smile #53

I am back with my What Made Me Smile post and I am now on post #53. It certainly feels like a Friday today. I blame the English weather for my tiredness, tired of the rain and cold and want Summer (if you call what we had as “Summer”) back. Winter is coming, and there…

Roots and Rituals for silky smooth hair for the Summer

Want to know how to get silky smooth hair for Summer? This is your lucky day. Not that we have much of Summer left, but let us be hopeful that the sunshine will hang around for a little while longer. I look at shampoo adverts  on the TV and browse magazines and envy those girls with…

What Made Me Smile #52

I write this after having a lovely day in Windsor. A gorgeous Bank Holiday Monday it was spent with my friend Joy. There was a picnic, some fun in the sun and a lovely afternoon tea at a little cafe called Madame Posh.

5 scientific ways to make yourself feel more confident and attractive

Want to to know some tricks on how to make yourself feel more confident and attractive? Then read on. Attractiveness doesn’t always come down to physical beauty which some studies have shown believe it or not. Attractiveness goes beyond having that perfect smile, that perfect body and that red hot gorgeous lipstick.

How to make a cheese board look attractive

If you are a lover of cheese, then you will want to read about how to make a cheese board look attractive. Nothing quite tickles my taste buds more than crusty bread and burrata cheese with a dollop of sun-dried tomatoes dipped in olive paste. Yes I know quite a combo right?

Flawless Summer skin couldn’t get any easier than this

Black Paint products have to be one of the best that I have come across. Now I am very fussy with skin products so if I am raving about it, then you know it is good. Flawless Summer skin couldn’t get any easier than this.

What Made Me Smile #51

Rainy day London is back for another week. Yikes, sunshine please come out of hiding. What made you smile today? Keep smiling and let your happiness vibes be infectious. My weekly What Made Me Smile posts allows me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I…