What Made Me Smile #58

I am feeling the Autumn vibes already, with the falling of leaves and the drop in temperature. Are you?

What Made Me Smile #57

We are nearing the end of Summer now. Yikes I am not ready for Autumn. Are you? My weekly What Made Me Smile posts allow me to reflect on happy moments that I have experienced in the past week and makes me grateful for what I have in my life. Always remember ”gratitude” in your daily thoughts…

What Made Me Smile #56

I am back with my What Made Me Smile post. I hope you all had a fabulous and productive weekend. I am sure many of you headed out for London Fashion Week. This year, I took the back seat a little with only making some appearances today.

What Made Me Smile #55

I cannot believe that Summer is over and we are back to school. It came and went with a blink of an eye and to be honest, I cannot say I enjoyed the Summer days here because we hardly had a Summer. the days are becoming shorter, the nights are getting longer and altogether a…

Rock your bowl with an acai smoothie

If you wake up to an açaí smoothie bowl, you are set for the day. I am totally obsessed with açaí, to the point that if I see it on the menu, I will ignore everything else and order just this. Yup, it beats the avocado and toast current trend by a mile.

Fabulous nails with Pivoine

So Summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean that we can neglect our nails. I like to have my nails in tip top shape for my Instagram #fromwhereisit shot, you probably all guessed that right? Summer nails, the Pivoine way.

What Made Me Smile #53

I am back with my What Made Me Smile post and I am now on post #53. It certainly feels like a Friday today. I blame the English weather for my tiredness, tired of the rain and cold and want Summer (if you call what we had as “Summer”) back. Winter is coming, and there…