Xmas Dinner at Mi Casa

I don’t know who was more stuffed, me or the turkey! I had an awesome dinner. Hope you all had a great christmas.

So this year we thought we would deviate from the usual turkey and have goose (well actually we had both). I have to say my sister did a great job cooking and marinating this baby.

I was extra excited this year because my little tot can eat the turkey this year! Last year he was still on baby rice!

It took the whole day to prepare this 5 star Michelin dinner that was pretty much demolished in 20 minutes flat!

Lets’ take you through the xmas menu.


You lived a good life! Bathed in vinegar and salt as part of the cleansing process and ready to be marinated and stuffed.



Starters included shortbread filled with Stilton blue cheese and mini pancakes topped with creamy Philadelphia cheese and smoked salmon with a hint of dill which were small enough for one mouthful. ( So you don’t get too full pre turkey time).



Main course, well the obvious of course! Turkey wasn’t ready in time for xmas dinner but I made good use of it the next day for lunch in a melted cheese and tomato sandwich. The best part of christmas are the left over turkey in my opinion, and for some reason it tastes far better cold the following day.



Dessert- the usual, pudding made by my mum and I’m not being biased when I say this, but it tastes far better than any christmas pudding I have ever tasted ( and I have tried a good few). Marks and Spencer custard poured over (in my case pudding swimming in custard) was heavenly. I love homemade pudding!

I was in charge of making an additional dessert (you can never have too many dessert on the table). I made a christmas cake filled with mixed fruit. Check out the receipe section for more on this.



Sides included home-made gravy, brussels sprouts with roasted almonds, roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, meatballs, aubergine sauce  and finally yoghurt sauce with chopped cucumbers which were perfect for dunking the potatoes in.

The turkey was stuffed with Freekeh and meat balls. The goose stuffing was made up of chick peas and mince meat which is great combo and I will be bugging my sister to offer her services again.

 So a 5 star Michelin dinner or what?


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