What Made Me Smile#1

What Made Me Smile#1

We often remember all the good things that occur in our lives but forget to be thankful for them and be grateful for what we have. After reading the book ‘The Secret’, I try to remember each day to thank God for what I have in my life in order for positive things to occur. Here is to my first  What Made Me Smile#1 post.

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If you haven’t read this book, definitely make time to read it from cover to cover. It talks about believing in the things you want in life, and actually visualizing it for them to happen. One part of the book discusses gratitude and waking up each day and saying thank you and be blessed for all the good things you have in your life.

Inspired by You Baby Me Mummy blog, I am going to put together a ‘What Made Me Smile’ list every week. Feel free to comment as you wish below with the things you are grateful for or things that made you smile.

Here is my first What Made Me Smile list.

What Made Me Smile#1

1-Doing the ‘starting to count’ book with my tot and seeing him counting and writing the numbers all by himself. #oureverydaymoments

2-Seeing my tots face light up when I brought him a pack of twister ice-cream

3-Doing puzzles with my tot

4-Attending the Comida Festival over the weekend and trying some of the best Argentinian steak

5-Drawing back the curtains yesterday morning and the first I see are the blue skies

6-Having time one evening for a pamper night and doing my nails

7- Enjoyed a lovely BBQ at my friend Maha’s house and seeing her off before she leaves for Singapore for good. Those chicken wings:)

8-Attending a baking challenge which involved using only estimation of the ingredients along with the method and the chocolate cupcakes and scones tasted lovely

9-Receiving a text today from a long-lost friend made me smile

10-Waking up this morning and eating a toast layering an extra thick layer of Nutella (time of the month so of course it was guilt-free)

Feel free to comment below.

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