Tommi’s Burger Joint for lunch

Tommi’s Burger Joint for lunch

IMG_1168I put on my best skirt on, threw on my Emu Australia boots as it was a little nippy and headed over to Kings Road for a late lunch with my sister. Thanks Tommi’s for having us for lunch. They already have a branch on Theyer street just off Maryleborne High street which I visited a good few years back but I never been to the bigger restaurant on Kings Road.  Nestled amongst the likes of Bluebird, Big Easy and the Ivy who mind you do great burgers,I think Tommi’s wins hands down. I am very much a meat and sauce kind of girl and not too fussed about the fancy bread that wraps the burger and the kind of fries that accompany the burger. If there is a sweet potato option, then I am quite content with that.

Tommi’s Burger Joint have it just right:)

IMG_1170IMG_1172IMG_1171Every condiment you could think on display for you to pick and take to your table.

I took a bit of everything.

IMG_1200I chose the burger of the month the ‘slopi tommi’; the steak burger topped with cheese and a secret sauce:)

IMG_1197And my sister opted for the chicken burger.

IMG_1209IMG_1202A basket full of sweet potato fries, just the way I like it with some bearnaise and chipotle mayo sauce (my two favourite for dipping).


IMG_1188The milkshakes were divine! The best on the menu are the coconut and salted caramel shakes. With both being so creamy and delicious, they share the number one spot for me.

IMG_1195The little tot got the first taste and he couldn’t get enough of it. I literally had to fight to get the glass back off him.


Somebody left a very happy chap- fries and milkshake the best combo for a smile.



Jumper:Baby Zara

Top: Jacardi 

Jacket:Baby Zara


Boots:Emu Australia


Cardigan:Gap (old)


You will definitely be seeing me again Tommi’s. Till next time. I say a visit a month to try out each of their 12 burgers, what do you think?



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