Tis The Season To Be Jolly


I love this time of year:) -a lot of invites to christmas parties. Well for this one, I did the inviting. Anyone that knows me, would know that I love to organise events. So I got a little excited with the christmas spirit and hosted a Sunday Christmas lunch at Poulet au pot with the attached  dress code of christmas jumpers:) Me and my sister were the only ones who made the effort of buying one, whilst the others, no names mentioned threw on whatever looked christmasy which funnily enough did work quite well I might add, so you are all off the hook:)


Sundays lunch kicked off with a good round of starters. I opted for the chicken liver pate which was a little creamy for my taste but the accompanying pickles made a good balance of taste. 


I persuaded my sister into ordering a salmon and crab pate over a tomato soup, which was a decision well made she realised once she digged into it. It arrived with some leafy side salad.

The others in the group chose a very filling looking onion quiche. I had a cheeky little bite and I must say it tasted awesome.


For mains, I had the the La supreme de poulet. For those non french speakers, although it’s almost self explanatory- it’s the supreme chicken, which was grilled chicken smothered in a creamy chive sauce. I finished that in five miuntes flat!


My sister opted for the Le Bifstek Frites. Anything with fries attached to it is always a good option.



A number of sides filled our table and I must say the portions were very generous. These included healthy green beans, carrots and mushy peas and save the best till last; CHIPS!


We ended the afternoon with christmas crackers (the best part of the afternoon). I have to say my gift wasn’t the best I’ve had but it did match my jumper so I can’t complain.


The best thing about the crackers is not the gift that pops out, but the little white folded note inside. We took it in turns to read out our jokes, question and act out our phrase. I felt sorry for the people sitting in front of us, their quiet sunday lunch was short lived!  


I couldn’t let the day end without a full body shot. Yes toilet pic, so excuse the picture quality!

It’s not to late to buy yourselves a christmas jumper. I got mine from Asos, Skirt: H&M and boots: Jones



If you haven’t been to Poulet au pot, then put it on your list of next restaurants to try. If your budget is tight then I recommend booking for Lunch.They do set Lunches with food chosen from the a la carte menu at a fraction of the cost of dinner.  With the lighting being very dim (hence the not so clear pictures for this post, I only had my phone camera to hand), I think it’s the perfect setting for a date.

Merry xmas everyone xx


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