Top 5 tips for easing an anxious mind

Top 5 tips for easing an anxious mind

Anxiety is more common that you all think. I keep hearing peoples anxiety stories and and how they deal with it which is where this post is coming from. Read on for my tips on how to ease stress and anxiety.

tips on how to ease stress and anxiety

I guess everyone gets anxious to some extent right? That moment you feel like your head is racing with thoughts and you want to shut your brain down so you don’t have to think about it.

Well I hope my coping mechanisms and top 5 tips on how to ease stress and anxiety will help you.

My top 5 ways to calm anxiety.

1- Breathe in and out deeply three times

Sounds easy enough and makes sense right? But we often forget how powerful this is. Inhale deeply, close your eyes and exhale deeply and repeat 3 times.

2-Listen to your favourite song

I have a few on my phone playlist that I love to listen to and certainly does the job when I am feeling a little stressed.

3-Get onto social media

A distraction will always help keep your mind at ease so you don’t have to think about what is giving you anxiety. It is amazing how pictures can be a quick fix mood changer.

4-Call a friend/lover who makes you smile.

They are bound to say something that will make you laugh and better still will always make you feel better.

5-Sip on your favourite tea

I sit in a quiet room and sip on green tea which always calms me and helps me forget my stressful moments.  Holland and Barrett have an array of delicious teas to choose from, anything from liquorice tea to calming, lemon and ginger to green teas.

How do you deal with anxiety? Give me your tips and advice.


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