Three Musketeers Re-unite


A great night is always 100% guaranteed when Eman is around!

And you are probably all wondering where is the third member? Well she wasn’t in the ‘photo’ mood. Shimah it’s Friday, the start of the weekend, what’s there not to be in the mood for!

The night started off with dinner at Brinkley’s restaurant. Did you know there are FIVE restaurants/cafe’s all part of the Brinkleys chain in London? I didn’t until now. So far have been to three of them,The Wine Gallery and Brinkley’s on Hollywood Road and Brinkley’s Kitchen in Wandsworth and I have to say the standard of food all hover around the same level, great food, great atmosphere. However, I do think the portion sizes at Brinkleys  is slightly disappointing considering the price attached (Food quality great though). I’m sure Eman would agree with me here right?


Before I go any further, do you all agree with me that generally the lighting inside restaurants are dim and you hence you need to use the flash. Yes well you explain that to our annoying neighbours who gave our table funny looks with a bit of attitude every time we took a snap.


Of course I went for the burger option. This has to be the first time I have ordered a burger that comes with only one side of the bun. Ok so it’s a healthier option maybe but I’m sure real burger foodies would say this isn’t a REAL burger. IMG_3653

Shimah ordered the linguine lobster which I must say average. I have tasted better. And as for Eman, her thai red curry went down too fast for me to take a quick snap.


Hot toffee cake with Ice cream was the perfect way to end the dinner.

Anyone that knows me and Eman would know that the night doesn’t stop here. It is just beginning. Next stop was Maggies but just beforehand we stopped off at the bar at Brinkleys for a couple of drinks.

Maggies is a great 80s venue and I mean a shrine to all things 80s including Margaret Thatcher decade of power. They take the 80s theme very seriously here and if you have been here then you know what I mean. Everything from the music to the iconic images including meeting Mario (ghostbuster was floating around, although out of sight) reflected the 80s very well. I for one was totally obsessed with Mario and Luigi video game characters.

Ok so it is not your usual pretentious place, but sometimes you need a bit of fun factor, somewhere where you can just let your hair down, blast out some power ballads, have fun and listen to cheesy music. And this is indeed is what we did.


We met a  few peeps on our travels. 


Friday night kisses to London town.



A bit of posing is a must on our nights out.

Cheers to a happy weekend. We are in for some sunshine guys. Get excited:)


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