The lobster roll is smacking good:)

The lobster roll is smacking good:)

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If you are a fan of lobsters, be it the roll, burger or naked lobster, then  you will love the Smack Deli:)

From the creators of Burger and Lobster, Smack Deli was born. The first store opened on Binney Street,  a short walk from Selfridges so if you are ever near there and want to work off the pounds you spent on the Chanel and Gucci handbags, then head here. It is a larger restaurant than the Soho branch and menu is more varied:) Naked lobster and courgette fries are my favourite.

I visited the newly opened Soho branch on Dean Street which is more of a fast food, grab your work lunch kind of place.

The menu is pretty simple. There are four different rolls to choose from, a couple of lobster salads and lobster soup, that is about pretty much it. They do have fab roasted fruit packets and popcorn by the tills to make lunch just that bit more exciting.

photo 3I went for the California roll. If you love avocados then this will loveeeee this avocado overload roll:)

photo 4And the lobster salad

photo 5

And Lobster 1Washed down with raw coconut water drink (very refreshing).

They are fast and super friendly here so great if you only have a quick-lunch break and the sandwiches are that good that you can down it in 3 minutes flat!

It is smacking good, go on give it a try:) For all of you that work in Soho, pop into the new branch on Dean Street and get your lobster fix





    • admin
      June 20, 2015 / 11:12 pm

      It sure was! a definite must try:)

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