Best burger place in London

Best burger place in London

photo 2You all know by now my huge obsession with burgers! I have tried probably every place in London. As soon as a new place opens up, I am there! Patty and Bun is by far the best burger place in London.

I have tried five guys, Tommy’s Burger Joint, Meat liquor, Big Easy, you name it but Patty and Bun wins hands down! There are two restaurants, the Liverpool street branch and the one on James Street, near Selfridges.

I made a visit to the Selfridges branch.┬áTiming is everything here. If you go during the lunch hour or evening, expect to wait and queue! Yep people actually queue to sit here, that is how you know it’s the ‘best burger in town place’! I carefully planned a 4pm visit to avoid waiting:)

photo 3

The cheeseburger is the most popular burger of choice but I chose the lamb burger. A layer of breaded zucchini and aubergine over the lamb burger, smothered in mayo sauce and topped with feta cheese. ‘Heaven in a bun’. I think they need to rename that burger.

I have been here a number of times and always stick with this burger. Next time I might try the chicken burger which also sounds great. Personally I don’t think yo can go wrong with any choice here.

photo 5I chose the fries with chicken salt and chicken skin salt! Sounds strange but it was actually amazing. It tastes a bit like mayo but creamier. Dip your fries and bite and don’t stop until you have finished or you could be a little cheeky and order more.

photo 4No plates are served with your burger. Just the burger and fries. You typically eat it like this:) Straight onto the paper. Perfect for kitchen staff who don’t need┬áto spend time loading a dishwasher with dirty plates! Clever idea I must say.

photo 2 (2)And all the different sauces available! From Mustard to chilli sauce-great:) I love dipping my fries in mustard, ketchup and chilli sauce! Yep sauce overload, just the way I like it.

And I think the music needs a special mention! Great upbeat tunes are played in the background whilst you munch your way through your burger. They actually update the playlist every couple of weeks:) They take their tunes very seriously.

If you are ever near Bond street and need to take time out of shopping or need to grab a bite to eat then head here! I would probably go first thing then shop to work off the calories:)

Who else has been here? What is your favourite burger of choice? Drop me a line below.






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      June 27, 2015 / 12:04 am

      Oh same! when Im hungry, its the first thing that comes to mind haha

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