Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

10 years! Holy moly


10 years! Wow, has it been that long since I graduated?

I ask myself. Whenever you hit a milestone, you often you reflect on what you have achieved so far. Here goes….

A 2:1 Masters degree in Pharmacy, a Certificate in Pharmacy Practice, a Diploma in Pharmacy practice, years of hospital pharmacy experience (both NHS and private), a touch of community pharmacy and a foot in the PCT world. Not bad. As one would say…’I got around’, but here my reputation was a positive one:)

At the end of it all, I am considering leaving the world of pharmacy to follow my dream and passion for fashion. Sound crazy to you? Who else out there jumped with two feet into the deep end leaving behind their previous world of work? I need some encouragement here!

I attended an Alumni event at my university and boy has it changed A LOT! And I’m not talking about the lecturers (hardly any movement there), but the outlook of the university!


Check out the entrance! The idea of strolling in and running to lecture halls is long gone. Now they have access gates! Ok I know some of you may be thinking I cant’ believe you didn’t have this 10 years ago, NO WE DIDN’T. Being one of the top university in the UK, we were living in the’ old ages’. I guess the merger with UCL did us wonders!


Next up, the good old refractory. Why did they call it the refractory?…Sounds so ancient. For all you young ones out there, it was another name for canteen.

It hasn’t changed much apart from the glass doors and maybe polished floors. This is where we spent most of our time! Sad I know. We would all get together here for a natter and get chatting with the seniors, trying to butter them up to hand us their assignments! The syllabus basically didn’t change much. Chemistry assignments in year 1 mirrored exactly those four years ago! But hey, I wasn’t complaining. The snail pace ways within the university as you can see stretched much further than just technology!

After a couple of drinks and nibblies, we headed to the JCR lecture room.


Of course me and my best friend headed to our comfort zone; the back of the lecture theatre. We couldn’t help ourselves and took a quick selfie. This was our territory for the four years, we wanted to remember it well!


Check out the response pads that laid out in front of us. I observed everyone in the hall have a play around with it, like it was something from out of space and pretty much everyone gasped with excitement at the site of it. (Sad I know).

So the talk consisted mainly of how the university has changed since the merger with UCL and an insight into the way forward.


This question was put to us. (Sorry for the bad quality photo, well actually for the folIowing photos as I forgot I had my camera with me and used my phone camera in the dim light).

So we all answered using the response pads in front of us. (I was so excited, I answered twice). And the result was computerised and put together right before our eyes in a flash in the form of bar charts… Guess what my answer was…?


C of course! 18% of people only chose this answer? Shocking.


Look at that, we are rated the Fourth in the world! I am so proud to have attended the UCL School of Pharmacy.


New structure of the pharmacy course, let’s see what has changed. Not much! Chemistry is still lingering around in year 1. I think pretty much everyone (apart from the geeks) enjoyed this subject.

After an interesting talk, we headed out for some mingling and more drinks and canapés, oh and photo time. It was great to meet and greet people who graduated in the 70s and 80s and see where they ended up.



Some members of my gang.


Couldn’t resist a pic with my favourite lecturer, Dr Pierce.

I feel very chuffed with myself that I attended. And we were handed with a gift: an A3 book of the UCL School of Pharmacy history. Perfect way to end the evening I must say.


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