Sunshine, Some Chinese, and a lil Shopping:)

Sunshine, Some Chinese, and a lil Shopping:)

Some sunshine, Chinese food and shopping, what a great trio don’t you all think?



So the day started off with a little spot of shopping, and what better way to start the day (although my purse wouldn’t agree). On my travels through Westfields Shopping Centre, I came across a crowd inside Bobbie Brown and  realised that Alesha Dixon was doing an appearance for the launch of her new perfume, Rose Quartz. I managed to get a quick snap before setting off to meet up with some yummy mummys.

I stopped off at my fav place for a mocha frappuccino at Cafe Concerto  for a quick natter with the mummys and shared baby stories (usual topic of discussion amongst my mummy friends). And no we never run out conversations around this topic believe it or not!


The day ended with dinner at Phoenix Palace with a long lost friend.

If you haven’t tried this place yet, then get yourselves down there pronto. It is one of the best for Chinese food. It is easy to miss this place,  just off Baker Street on Glentworth Street. It is a huge restaurant with big round tables so great for a group and even better for my little one to run around. Judging by the fact that the waiters would invite my little tot to go on walkies with them around the restaurant, (of course he followed and was happy for some attention) it has to be said that they were very baby friendly. IMG_3685



A round of starters included prawn toast with prawns and scallop, prawn and asparagus dumplings (my favourite).


Sautéed chicken and cashew nuts followed along with a pot of Jasmine tea. I ate myself to a standstill so I should have walked the calories off but instead I stumbled and fell into a cab and off I was on my way home.

Night night London:)


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