Saatchi Gallery date

Saatchi Gallery date


I was feeling in the arty mood so headed down to the Saatchi Gallery for the afternoon.

I love this Gallery and probably have visited it a hundred times now. It is located in the Duke of York Square on Kings Road.

They exhibit contemporary art by artists who have rarely or never had there work presented in exhibitions so it is a great way for them to launch their careers. Plus its 100% free! All galleries are free to enter and they open 7 days a week. And that’s not all, they have a cracking Saatchi cafe/ restaurant that do great food and afternoon tea. Great place to unwind and with their outdoor area overlooking some greenery, it makes it a perfect Summer first date location:)


We dipped in and out of the Gallery rooms, admiring the art work on display.

Well having said that, I wasn’t too impressed with the ant work! I hate creepy crawlies.




Mummy where are the swings? First you drag me around with you shopping, now this..

He was impressed during the first 10 minutes, then boredom set in.



And clingliness! I couldn’t take a solo photo without him running up to me screaming for me to take him in my arms



You see what I mean.



This was my favourite art work by I think from what I can remember a French artist. The phrases are arranged as atoms. I say tres original.



After all the walking around, we thought we earned some afternoon tea and settled at Partridges.



Whilst one energetic bod  spent some time chasing pigeons.



My humble abode; tea and scones. We actually this time, I opted for an iced caramel frappuccino:)



How could one resist a scone?






Leggings: H and M

Top: Esprit

Necklace: Zara

Sandals: Primark







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