Red dragon dance and street food- Happy Chinese New Year

Red dragon dance and street food- Happy Chinese New Year

IMG_2023Valentines Day was celebrated with my little tot out in China Town over a red dragon dance parade and some street food.We woke up on a cold and frosty Sunday, had a quick breakfast and I pulled out whatever red attire I could find in my closet (no pics sorry and as it was far too cold to strip down to my red number for photos) and headed out to China Town. My two-colour Zara scarves aka blanket is my life saver on cold days. No one does it better than Zara.

I hope you all checked out my snapchat:salsool30 for the download. If you haven’t added me yet, well you are missing out on all the fun. I do have to admit though that I often forget about using snapchat when taking pictures with my camera, but I am getting better at remembering. With all these social media handles, it is hard to keep up sometimes. I just about have time to edit and upload a picture on Instagram.

IMG_1973IMG_1987We arrived to see a huge crowd that took over the whole of China Town. I managed to squeeze my way through (maybe a few shoves were involved) to get to the area of where all the action was. Thank God the little tot is out of a buggy. I looked over in shock at the parents pushing a buggy through the crowd. Did I feel sorry for them? Well not really, I mean why would you bring out a buggy knowing it would be busy. It took me back to the time (and it was the one and only time I have and will ever experience  it) at the New Years Eve fireworks by the river seeing crazy parents pushing buggies through a dangerous crowd. I just wouldn’t, mainly for sanity reasons, along with of course safety, that goes without saying.

Back to the Chinese New Year celebrations…

IMG_1985IMG_1998IMG_1988IMG_1999The dragon dance was spectacular. It took two men to form a dragon.

IMG_1992They paraded through China Town,  being tailed by a group of instrumentalists, stopping off at each shop for a 3 minute dance. If you were brave enough to stand the cold, you could have followed them right the way through but having felt my fingers and toes starting to go numb and the little one shouting ”mummy sweets” at the site of the cake shop, I made a beeline straight to the street food area.

IMG_2029IMG_2030IMG_2026IMG_2012IMG_2033IMG_2041And grabbing a dragon and drum on the way which he was extremely pleased about (a great trade-off for sweets I reckon).

Hoe you all had  a great Sunday:)




  1. Leonora
    February 27, 2016 / 12:02 am

    I like your post! You hace a cute casual outfit!
    Greetings from MissGrey Romania –

    • admin
      February 27, 2016 / 10:50 pm

      Thanks:) Love casual, especially with 8 degrees London weather

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