Orange-ry Tea Anyone?


Anyone for tea and scones?

Those that have never heard of this place, well it must be your lucky day because you have now! Trust me, you will be one happy bunny after a trip to this little beauty.


Does this look familiar to anyone? No? How about….


I’m getting some ahhhh yes?

 I for one have passed this area in Hyde Park a hundred times but never thought to look beyond or ponder through here until about two years or so ago! And my sister didn’t even know it existed until she visited the cafe with me. Where has she been hibernating?

So as you enter Hyde Park from High Street Kensington side, you walk over the hill and turn left and walk towards that huge building. It doesn’t exactly hit you in the face as you enter the park so I guess my ignorance can be excused.

The Oranger, located within Kensington Palace is a very cute elegant venue serving not only tea and scones but great breakfast and lunch options too. I think a Sunday brunch date here is imminent. It is a perfect place to relax, unwind (even in Winter) and mingle with friends, acquaintances or even a first date. The green scenery together withthe  interior white decor sets a romantic mood.


Rule number one moms: never leave your home without entertainment for the kids! Trust me, to keep your sanity, it is a must. Although with my son, any sort of entertainment is short-lived. He played with this for about 5 minutes before trying to release the harness strapping him to the high chair resulting in this making a nose dive to the floor. Thankfully the cafe wasn’t that busy since we were close to closing time.


One of my all time fav desserts! The best scones I have tasted so far  are the Le Pain Quotidien…just devine for three reasons. Firstly they are large, secondly crunchy and thirdly crunchy ok so two reasons but the crunch factor has my vote over any other place! These, however come as a close second. I chose the raison and orange peel flavours. So I am not sure what’s the right way of eating these; clotted cream or jam spreaded first? Any feedback? I usually put the jam first then the cream but I have a funny feeling it is vice-versa.


This arrived for the little menace. Of course he didn’t eat it! The lemon tart and chocolate mouse went down very  nicely.


All washed down with a pot of Darjeeling tea.


The tea-cup requires its own solo shot! How cute is this?


You can even buy similar china. They call it the English fine bone china teapot which mirrors the beauty of Kensington Palace. Its design was inspired by the glided gates of Kensington palace. The china is hand decorated with 22 carat gold finishes. Fancy fancy I must say! I wonder if popping over for tea at the Queens residence beats this.




And this mess made by my little treasure was the most organised of them all. That’s it, home time. Bath, feed then bed!

Outfit for the day:

Skirt: Zara

Plaid scarf (my bestie right now) : Zara

Jacket: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Chanel ( a touch of French for that chicness)


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