My ‘me time’ activities

My ‘me time’ activities


Being a mum, I find it hard to have any ‘me time’. Nobody can really prepare you for motherhood, and people will say, it is a full on job, but only once you have experienced it you know exactly what everybody is talking about.

The only time I do get to myself is actually once the little monster is in nursery and in the evenings once I put him to bed (hence my strictness on 7.45pm bed time) and during this time I am working on my blog, following up on emails etc so it is very rare I do get time to relax and unwind. I cannot remember the last time I properly flicked through a magazine whilst sipping on a cup of hot coco. People shrug me off when I say I haven’t had a break in 3 years. I am just waiting for them to have kids to throw back the shrugs and comments their way:)

My top ‘me time’ activities:

1-Nail painting

IMG_1649After having the gel manicure by Becca In the City, I am determined to keep my nails in tip top condition by applying treatment every week and pushing my cuticles back. I have recently discovered the Sally Hansen cuticle remover and OPI nail envy treatment for brittle nails which are both pillars in my main nail routine now. The cuticle remover paired with a little pushing and pulling gets rid of those excess cuticles around the nail. I apply the Nail Envy once a day for a week then once every other day for the next week under nails varnish.

2-Keeping afloat with pharmacy issues

I am a pharmacist by profession, studied it for 4 years, survived the lengthy boring pre-registration year and unwillingly done a certificate and the diploma in Pharmacy practice so I figured all this cannot go to waste and must keep abreast with the pharmacy world.

3-Room tidying

I could clean my room 10 times a day and still at 8pm it will look like a bulldozer has pushed his way through my room. Yep that bulldozer is my little tot. In five minutes, he manages to open my drawers, pull out my clothes, open and tip out all contents of my bag and somehow manages to open a tampon pack with his teeth.  The conversation usually goes like this:

Tot: Mummy what’s this ? …

Me: Ermmm huni that I will explain at a later date

Tot: Can I have it, it’s mine..

Then some pushing and pulling is involved before I finally throw it out of his sight with some tears and screams followed thereafter.

4-Flick through photos and videos

IMG_6230Nothing brings me more happiness than looking back at baby pictures and videos of my little one. I can’t believe where all the time has gone. It was not so long ago, I was changing diapers, kissing his cute little feet and not to mention breastfeeding him. How was I even breastfeeding  for 19 months. I guess the saying ‘breast is best’ was well and truly drilled into me by the nurses.


What are your relax and unwind activities?



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