Marian’s in Town!


What was so funny Marian? All she was doing was taking a snap..How many drinks have you had I wonder and it was only the start of the night:):)

So the night planned was arranged well in advance by Carol  (as most things are when you have kids). Nothing is ever last minute anymore, but this also has its positives.

 Marian popped over from Dubai for a week and so a mumsie night out had to be on the cards! The night started at Mash restaurant in Soho which is very good for steaks, having said that I was craving a burger so ordered this instead!


The side of fries went down to quickly for me to take a quick snap! Must train myself to refrain from demolishing fries as soon as it is in sight!

Anyone know of any new burger places that have opened up in London or  any that are so good, that they deserve a repeat visit? I’m a huge fan of burgers and could easily have it everyday if it was kinder to my hips and bum! I think someone should invent a 100% fat-free burger. I would be your biggest buyer for sure!


And all smile for the camera!


You see Simon Cowell, that girl second to the left was far too good for your shows! We all heard her sing that night, and boy does she have the X Factor! Follow your dream Randa, you will make it:) and as the saying goes, don’t let the seeds prevent you from eating the watermelon.


And that was the end of the night for me because I was absolutely shattered. My son still keeps me awake at night! ahhhhhhhh! The others went out for some more mingling over a shisha.





Managed to squeeze in another date with Marian before her short trip ended. This time at Westfield shopping centre! We had a good nater along with Rita over a couple of frozen frapuccinos and desserts. I’ve never tasted the Frapuccino from Cafe Concerto before, it puts Starbucks to shame. Trust me if you love Frapuccinos, def go and try the ones from here. They do it in Chocolate, Mocha and caramel flavour. I was feeling a sugar rush coming on so opted for the Caramel flavour.


I never let the day pass without with a quick selfie! Good night London xx

Outfit for the day:

Jeans: James

Jumper: Topshop- hurry it is on for £30 currently (usually £46)

Jacket: H and M

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Boots: Dune




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