La Masseria for breakfast

La Masseria for breakfast

You know me, always on the look for new exciting breakfast places. I stumbled across this cute little cafe and headed to La Masseria for breakfast which is  on Upper Berkeley Street. Their gorgeous decor enticed me and once I saw their display of Italian patisseries, that’s it, I was sold. La Masseria for breakfast-MyCityMyLondon

The smell of fresh patisseries and bread was making me hungry as I stepped in to La Masseria. It is run by Ola and Reda who really turned this cafe around to make it what it is today. Definitely worth a visit, whether you want to breakfast/brunch alone , with your partner or as a family. They got all bases covered.

They offer a diverse breakfast and lunch menu to satisfy all cravings from sandwiches to eggs, to pasta and salads. You can even buy real Italian pasta, oils and other confectionaries and have your own little Italian dinner at home.

The family friendly ethos is reflected with the bright orange walls and art work. The artist, the lovely Renata has done a great job here. Check her work on Instagram –Renata_art. The combination of colours was put together with so much effort and hard work. It looks smashing, I was very impressed. What I like about it, is that it doesn’t look like your average cafe, it has character.

La Masseria art work by Renata

You don’t want to know how many selfies I took with this as a backdrop.

La Masseria for breakfastLa Masseria for breakfastLa Masseria for breakfast

I started the day right with breakfast at La Masseria. Eggs and avocado was on the menu. I would order the stuffed croissant, that was delicious.

Presentation is everything, the chef here is pretty awesome with the way he cooked the eggs. They were not greasy at all and the presentation of food was spot on.

La Masseria for breakfast-MyCityMyLondonLa Masseria for breakfast-MyCityMyLondonLa Masseria for breakfast

To finish… Tea and patisseries of course.

Italian patsisseries

I was obsessed with their tile detail hence the continuous snapping.

Do you work or live in the area? Stop by for some affordable and seriously good food here at La Masseria. Don’t forget to buy the pasta on your way out, their pesto sauce is also unreal. It even has the Dawn Roma French seal of approval. She stepped in for a spot of lunch here.

If you are a mum, drop the kids off to school and head here with your pals. There is nothing like having a good old natter with some great coffee and patisseries, especially Italian ones.

Stay tuned for further developments downstairs. I hear pasta and pizza making sessions are in the pipeline for kids. It can’t get any cooler than this now can it?




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