Ice-skating in London for an unforgettable experience

Ice-skating in London for an unforgettable experience

‘‘Tis the season for ice-skating”. Bring on the ice-skating in London town.

Ice-skating in London- Sarah'sLifestyleDiary

Ice-skating in londonIce-skating in London- Sarh'sLifestyleDiaryIce-skating in London-Sarah'sLifestyleDiaryIce-skating in London-Sarah'sLifestyleDiary

Thanks Kensington Mums for inviting me and Arnie for the wonderful on ice experience at the Natural History Museum ice rink. You can read all about it here also and watch the video here, where Arnie captured the best moments.

We started off the evening with pictures and stories (of course). The lovely Juliana braved it in the cold with us and helped us capture the unforgettable moments for the ice-skating in london experience.

We got our skates on so to speak and as much as I would love to say we glided so effortlessly on the ice rink, it didn’t happen quite like that.

Well come on, we are three mamas at the end of the day, and I for one have not been ice -skating in a while so I felt like the ‘newbie on ice’ hiding my face in shame seeing the younger generation glide and twist and shake their booties on the ice rink. That being said, I think we all did quite well with only one fall made between us. Not bad right? I shall not reveal which one of us got our butts wet.

The staff here at The Natural History Museum ice-rink are super friendly and helpful and one assistant even got down on his knees and tied up my skates for me because I mentioned they are a little loose…all together now… awwwww! You can get a sneaky peak of him on the video.

Overall, it was a great experience and a laugh to do with friends. Be warned, you must wrap up warm. Hats, gloves and scarf, the full shebang if you don’t want the cold to ruin your experience.

I must also mention the pretty view, especially at night with all the lights. The best pictures are the ones taken from the cafe and shot looking down at the ice-rink.

A skating experience is not complete without a ”hot” chocolate. Now I emphasise the word hot because I like my drink hot which rarely happens unless you actually specify it. Hotel Chocolat have set camp by the ice-rink until the beginning of January. Awesome right? I would recommend the hazelnut chocolate drink, the best one I reckon with caramel taking a close second place. After SAID hot chocolate, this place has to be the next best place in London for me. Stay tuned for my review on my top hot chocolate places in London.

An overall wonderful experience with my mama babes! I wouldn’t have wanted to share this experience with anyone other than these two inspirational entrepreneur mamas!

It’s not too late to book tickets for skating, be sure to do this online. And don’t forget to stop by the Hotel Chocolat truck!

Where are your go to ice-skating places in London?


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