My top 5 tips on how to motivate yourself

My top 5 tips on how to motivate yourself

Motivation can be quite a hard one to tackle. You can be motivated or demotivated very easily and if you are anything like me, certain life factors can also contribute to which way the scales tip. If you are feeling a little lost, scared or need a nudge in the right direction then go make your self a cup of tea, get your pen and notebook out and have a read and bookmark this page for future reference.motivation tips

I have a few tasks on the go right now that needs completing, and feeling a little lost as to which direction I should take. One thing that I have recently learned is that you need to take risks and if things do not work out the way you want, then it is not the end of the world, just pick yourself up and look for other challenges.

Who feels overwhelmed with their never ending to do list? I am currently in this boat. I sit at my computer once the tot is asleep and gaze at my long to do list and just bury my head in my hands and think what shall I start with first, and I often opt for the easiest choice rather than what is the priority (not a good plan of action I know), but for me a sense of completion gives me motivation and seeing that I can ‘tick something off the list’.

Here are my top tips on how to get yourself motivated, be it in the gym, work plans, home refurbishment, starting a hobby, the list is endless.

1- Write an action plan

This would be the first and foremost way to start. Write a list of what needs to be done, then prioritise them in order of urgency/importance and finally write a plan of how you will achieve it. For example with putting together a nursery room for the little one; write down some ideas you have, what needs to be actually done (furniture, walls, props, theme etc) and finally what will you do to make it happen (buying the furniture/painting/building a cot)

2-Try a new setting

If you always work in your bedroom at your desk, then try changing the location. Starbucks Frappucinos are pretty awesome especially the new banana flavoured one. Go sit in a cafe, it might even give you some inspiration for ideas. I like to sit by the window so I can check out what people are styling.

If you have a particular exam revising technique that hasn’t worked for you, try something else. I found that making notes and annotating helped me remember the information more than just reading out of a textbook.

3-Think of your end goals and visualise them

Write down your end goals and actually visualise them and how it would make you feel once you have achieved them. For example when I upload a picture on instagram, I say to myself, I want to receive at least 10 comments  and I visualise it and think about how it would make me feel.

4-Take a break

Sometimes you can over work yourself that you actually start to become unproductive. So if you have been revising so hard for an exam all week, take an afternoon off, get out, see your friends or take a long walk and I can guarantee that when you return to your task, you will be more motivated and your feeling of wanting to succeed will heighten.

5-Reward yourself

Once you have completed your goal, reward yourself. It actually motivates you to make further goals. So if you have finished the nursery you have been working on for your baby, treat yourself to a spa day, or if you have just finished a report at work, give yourself the next night off and go out and enjoy yourself.

What are your motivational methods? Please do share below
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