How to stay focused on a task

How to stay focused on a task
How to stay focused on a task…
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If you have been feeling a little unproductive or a little demotivated lately and cannot quite focus on getting a task/job finished. How to stay focused

Many of us like to turn to a cup of coffee to stay focused especially when we are feeling a little tired.  Am I right in saying this? I mean why wouldn’t you, caffeine is absorbed into the body within 30-60 minutes and its effect lasts up to 6 hours, so it is a quick fix method.
I have to say that I am not a huge coffee drinker and I have to rely on a good nights sleep usually to be awake and look fresh-faced in the morning.
Aside from the physical side to staying focussed, there are other external factors that play a major role in staying focused on a task. TV for me is the biggest distraction (when I do watch it).  I rarely have time to watch TV and to be honest find it a waste of time but when I do, I watch Home and Away, yep I am a huge fan of the Aussie soap. I cannot have this as background noise when I am trying to focus. I get way too hooked on all the drama and cannot take my eyes off the screen. I am sure I have readers that are thinking the same thing right? I recently found out that my BFF Sara is a huge fan too, well she kept that quiet (or I did, depending on how you look at it).
 Read on for my top tips on how to stay focused on a task…
Who is guilty of putting off tasks because they don’t want to face it? I certainly am, and even when it comes to writing blog posts sometimes. I get can ”stuck in a rut” and I will find a million other things that needs doing first and try to make myself feel better about not scheduling a post because I had other ”priorities” that had to be  dealt with first. We have all been there.
These tips I am sure will help you stay focused on a task and save you from your own procrastination.

1- Your phone

If you are wanting to be productive, your phones should be out of sight. I lose a lot of time and tasks take twice as long if I am answering WhatsApp messages and scrolling my IG feed. We are all guilty of this.
Set yourself a time limit  to work on the task without any phone distractions. I would set an hour, depending on the task of course. I’m sure you can survive an hour without conversing with your pals and stalking your friends on Facebook

2- Make sure you are comfortable

I for one hate the cold, so if I’m at home or sitting in a cafe with the AC blasting then I can’t work because I cannot think straight. Make sure your environment is right to get those thinking juice flowing when putting pen to paper.

3-Take breaks

There is no point slaving away for hours on a project or task because the chances are you were probably unproductive in the last hour or so. I work best in short bursts of concentration. You know your limits, don’t over do it to get the task completed. Plan well and stick to it.

4- Reward yourself

This is crucial which ties into motivation too. You are more likely to stay focused if you know you will be receiving a reward at the end of it. It could be anything from going to watch a movie with friends or simple to indulge in some of the cake you have lying around in your kitchen, (I prefer the latter of course, although Ben and Jerry ice -cream at the movies sounds tempting).

5-Be realistic

There is no point sitting down to do a task that you know you won’t complete or is out of your depth/capacity because you will not focus on it properly and you would already be setting yourself up for failure. I am all up for being ambitious but a balance of ambition and realism is what you should think about when setting your tasks.
There you have it. You may or may not agree with me but give me your views. How do you stay focused? What works for you may also work for others so please do tell and share.


  1. May 17, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Needed to read this as about to switch off and write more of my book! Thanks

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      May 30, 2017 / 9:09 am

      Thanks:) well done with the books, you inspire me xxx

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