Hankies Roomali Kitchen for the best Indian restaurant in London that will blow your mind

Hankies Roomali Kitchen for the best Indian restaurant in London that will blow your mind

All Brits love Indian food. Hands down, Hankies Roomali Kitchen has to be the best Indian restaurant in London,  plus it is halal. The pictures speak for itself.Hankies, Roomali kitchen, best indian food

Located in Soho, on Shaftsbury Avenue, diluted amongst the abundance of Thai buffet restaurants.

A little work needs to be done on the appearance of the front of the shop which they are working on, to make it look more welcoming and entice people to enter but now you know about it, be sure to give it a visit.

I took my bestie Meghna who is of an Indian origin and could give me an honest spin on the food here. Talk about spinning, I was met by the chef spinning roomali roti at the entrance which all looked a bit too complicated to do and he made it look it was a piece of cake to do.

They are known for their Roomali Roti, aka Hankies. It is hand spun, cooked on burning hot roomali tawa and folded into ”hankies”. They do a classic version and truffle and cheese flavoured one. We tried both and must say the truffle roomali was seriously good and was great for dipping into indian sauces. Be sure to order this.

Hankies the best Indian restaurant in London

We started off with blueberry lassi (yoghurt) drink which is original, because usually restaurants serve a normal or mango flavoured drink. This was really good I have to say, refreshing with a healthy antioxidant kick.

The best way to eat Indian food is to order a bit if everything and dunk and dip away.

In between sips, we munched on Bhindi Bhel which is the okra and savoury snack dish. The pomegranate made a good combo, although the dish was a little spicy for my liking and needed a ”hankie” to hand to wipe the tears. I cannot tolerate spicy foods too well but if you can then this is a must try dish. The combination of spice and crunchy taste of the savoury snacks with the okra was all too good.

The Dahi Puri rice puffs to the right was delicious as was the kachori poppers which is made from green peas. Not too dry to taste and the perfect size to dip into the mint mango chutney (again another original).

lentils for best indian restaurant in london

Punchy flavours, the sort of food you eat after a big night but distinctively prettier don’t you think?

paneer at the best Indian restaurant in London

Next up, the pumpkin paneer, oooh this was dreamy. I ignored the side of red chilli as I dipped it into the yoghurt sauce.

Tandoori chicken Hankies for the best indian restaurant in london

The lemon and chilli chicken was just the perfect size. This was super nice, rich, tasty and tender. Bloody delicious.

Seam bream Hankies for the best indian restaurant in London

Now this pan- fried sea bream has to be one of the best dishes. I have no idea what they use to marinate the fish, but I have never tasted anything like this. A must try if you come here.

Hankies for the best indian restaurant in london

This egg and crab Gotala was finished in 5 minutes flat. Oh my oh my, could this place get any better? The mixture of egg and crab with indian spices is a must try and I am yet to create this at home.

saag for the best indian restaurant in london

Every Indian I know loves Saag, another one of their best dishes I tried along with this dreamy daal. best indian restaurant in london

It comes in a little saucepan. I have never tasted daal so creamy like this. Another must try if you come here and it is even better when used as a dunking medium for the Roomali roti.

We ate ourselves to a standstill. I couldn’t fault any of the dishes and actually, my friend who has tried Dishoom which everyone knows is ”the best Indian” in London,  actually she compared Hankies and voted Hankies as the best Indian restaurant in London and at the fraction of the cost! Skip the queues at Dishoom, and try Hankies for ”the best Indian food in London”.

Hankies roomali kitchen for best indian restaurant in londonIt would be a crime to leave without trying their Aum Gur Ki Kher, which is a mango, rice and cardomom pudding. The evaporate milk lollipops were great for cooling down your throat after a rich mix of spicy food.

best indian coffeeNothing could beat the finale; their signature coffee which I was left guessing as to how it was made as the waiter was sworn to secrecy. It tasted like it had a combination of milk, honey, spices and cardamom. He mixes the coffee with the spices in front of you after which he filled the cup with steaming hot milk. Oh la la. I was in heaven. Indian coffee, you won  my heart with just a sip.

This place offers more than your average curry. Impressive flavours with ingredients all blended together to create the perfect dish.

The location is tip-top for when you are visiting London too and great when you need to work off the calories. Covent Garden is a short walk away as is Trafalgar Square .

No need to book, just pop inside. Although lunch and dinner times may be a little busy.

A delightful lunch.



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