Festival on the water in Little Venice


Doesn’t this just take you back to the Rosie and Jim days? It certainly did for me looking at this boat.


How cute do they look? And they are even dressed for the weather, I think they were warmer than me!

So the Canalway Cavalade is a water festival which takes place every year and has done since 1983! Boats are lined up the water with stalls, food areas, boating activities and family- friendly activities, from painting to puppet shows. It is great for couples too. There is nothing more romantic than a stroll by the water arm in arm with your lover. Sorry single people but no chance of picking up any hotties here because all I could see was families and couples and the older generation.




The day started off rather well I may say as I managed to win my little tot a little friend:) I was so chuffed because it is quite rare I manage to succeed in any of these stall games…psttt I did cheat a lil. The aim of the game was to pot at least one ball in the cup to win a little fury friend, and two balls for a bigger toy. When I say cheated, I may have gotten a little close to comfort with the cups when throwing the ball :p


For those with a sweet tooth, and these should be held  tight when walking around. I saw someones candy fly away right after they made their sweet purchase!


I did ponder whether I should let my little one on this but judging by the amount of older kids that were using it, I thought I would give it a miss.



I tried to take a peak and almost wanted to jump into this one, untie the rope and drive away with it.


An area for kids to paint, draw and basically get messy.


I made a little stop here.- pottery painting!

You pick a pottery item of choice, pay for it (price increases with size- as most things do), put an apron on and paint it. I think my tot was the youngest one there which was evident by his style of painting. The others coloured their pottery beautifully, unlike my sons which look like someone just threw paint on it, but hey every art work he does is special.




Go one, get in there with the purple.


And after, you see my point.


I had to try to save it and make it look a little presentable:)




Next stop, some Aussie coffee. I actually never knew Aussie coffee tasted so good. Now if anyone of my friends take a trip there, I’ll sure be asking them to bring me back some coffee.


Me and my Mack:) This was the first time he was flying solo. No were adults were allowed on the ride here. He was having a whale of a time and didn’t want to leave.





 Great way to spend the bank holiday weekend.

I would love to know what you all got up to. Please share here in the comments below.

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