Divine dinner at West 36

Divine dinner at West 36


After having a lovely afternoon for my birthday at West 36, I couldn’t wait to make another trip here but this time for an all out three course dinner.

IMG_2759I took along the gorgeous Banke for a good old laugh and a natter.

IMG_2768IMG_2766IMG_2764A few snaps before we got stuck into it.

Excuse the lighting for this shot, or shall I say my camera. I really do need to sit down with the manual and figure out the camera properly. The Canon G7X is a great compact camera with brilliant picture quality (if you know how to use it).

IMG_2775Choices, choices.

My eyes took sight of the word ‘burrata’ and it was sold to me. I made that my starter and Banke ordered the sesame prawn. Both were delicious. Yes there was cross tasting involved.

IMG_2789On a bed of brown bread with leeks with a drizzle of truffle oil


IMG_2782Whilst we waited for our main courses, I took to social media and some shopping browse.

IMG_2797Wow, I amazed with the chicken:) Perfectly cooked with Thyme and Rosemary. Just the way it should be, with a side of lemon for squeezing.

IMG_2801The sea-bass was delicious, served with quail eggs and potato mash.

IMG_2803IMG_2802IMG_2809IMG_2825Sides included a mixed salad with artichoke and fries. Fries are made for dunking.

We did some more chatting and blogging talk to work up an appetite for dessert.

IMG_2835IMG_2842I always leave room for dessert, that is my rule.

IMG_2830The raspberry cheesecake which wasn’t your ordinary cheesecake with the biscuit layer on the bottom and the thick cream cheese layer. It was more cream cheese with a hint of biscuit. Interesting I must say but was sensational. Each mouthful would melt in your mouth.

IMG_2844The apple crumble was also a good choice which came with a generous serving of custard. I was excited to order the ricotta pancakes for dessert but these were reserved for Sunday brunch/lunch only. If you go on a Sunday, these are without the doubt the best thing on the menu. Try and it and you will know exactly what I am talking about.






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