Chinese New Year -The Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year -The Year of the Monkey

IMG_0904Ready, get set, CHOPSTICKS!

On 8th February, the year of the Monkey starts-Chinese New Year 2016. What better way to celebrate than with super duper great dim sum and a bunch of friends:) I know exactly where to go for the best  dim sum selection in town-ROYAL CHINA. You can choose to head over to either Baker Street, Fulham Road or the Queensway branch. Celebrate Chinese New Year with style at Royal China.

A bit of background info first. Each Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals which exist in the Chinese zodiac. This year is the year of the Monkey. Traditionally, parades take place out on the streets of London with music, traditional dancers and entertainment.

A few tips on celebrating:

1- Wear red- symbolises good luck. Get out your red scraves/hats/jumpers etc 

2-Head to China town or the west end on February 14th– when the celebrations will take place

3-Eat Chinese food- I vote for Royal China

I will tell you why number three is a must.

IMG_0898These Dim Sums

IMG_0901The golden rule when eating dim sum is to eat the whole one in one go to get all the flavour.

IMG_0912These crispy shredded beef. (As crisp as they can get)

IMG_0913The dumplings

IMG_0907These pan-fried egg plant with minced shrimp. ( Simply the best)

IMG_0906Sauted chicken with vegetables

IMG_0892Sauted squid scallops in black bean sauce

IMG_0919And of course the Green Tea ice-cream which had just the right creamy texture that melted away in my mouth.

Happy Chinese New Year. Who will be hitting the streets of London with me on February 14th?




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