Celebrating at the Belvadere


Electric blue is super hot and goes deliciously with my soul mate.

This wasn’t any ordinary Lunch, we were celebrating my sister’s (Asmah) engagement! Hurrayyyy. She looked absolutely gorgeous in an Erdem silk dress matched nicely with a pair of nude Pied A Terre sandels.


Congrats to the happy couple!

16 (and a half) members of family, an awesome three-course meal, a celebratory cake, family mingling, a bunch of laughter and a well-behaved son of mine. That pretty much summed up the lunch. 

The Belvedere is pretty impressive. As you walk in, you are met with mile-high ceilings, silk white curtains, huge dangling lamps and beautiful arches.  We colonised the upper room area and the view looking down at the restaurant was magnificent.


Attempt of an all girls photo failed when my brother decided to quickly dive in with my son into the shot.

The menu was pretty amazing…..


The eventful day started with a crispy Goats cheese parcel avec tomato and Apple Chutney drizzled with some Beetroot dressing. Delicious was the only word for it.


Main dish followed on nicely; a Fillet of Sea Bass served on what tasted like pastry with mushrooms and leaves. The side of creamy soft mashed potato satisfied my appetite to a standstill.


Who can say no to dessert, no matter how full you are? Crispy pear and almond tart served with vanilla ice cream. Heaven is the only word that comes to mind.

And that wasn’t the end of the round of dessert. A celebratory red velvet cake was brought before us. I made an executive decision to only eat a couple of bites so save my look in my dress.



Admiring the Damien Hirst paintings that filled the restaurant.



The day didn’t quite end there. Later in the evening we headed to a gathering with friends of the happy couple. Some more drinking, eating and mingling.

 Celebrating with sparkling elderflower with pomegranate and cupcakes. Perfect combination!


Cupcakes spelling out congratulations to the couple was screaming out to me. I chose the letter S of course.


By the end of the night my feet were screaming for some rest. What an amazing day:)


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