Burger War, Who Will Win?


Who is a huge burger fan like me? I can’t get enough of them.

I took it upon myself to pay a visit to two burger joints that I haven’t as yet been too and write a review about them. It’s a good thing I am not getting paid for this, otherwise I would go everyday.

So first up, Honest Burger. I went to the one in Notting Hill,  I do recommend going during quieter times, maybe not weekends and evenings because you could end up waiting for over an hour for a table. I went on a Sunday so the queue was very minimal.


Oh my, I’ll have everything please! You would think picking something from the menu would be easy since the menu has little variation, the only deviation between the burgers are the toppings but for some reason it’s the hardest choice!

I went for the Tribute without the bacon. Although chicken looked tempting, I couldn’t go to a burger place and not have meat! That wouldn’t be right. That would be breaking the burger code for sure.


I have to say, the burger was a lil greasy for my liking but it was cooked just right and the sauce was delicious. I must ask what they put in it and try and recreate my own recipe. The fries were exceptionally good.


A fizzy lemonade  make a great burger accessory.


Cheers to many more happy burger dinner dates.

Next up…..Patty and bun!

IMG_3543 - Copy

The burger arrived wrapped neatly in paper awaiting for the owner to rip it apart.  I got right down to business and unwrapped the beauty, but before I did. I took a few fries. Now guys is it burger or fries first? I usually eat both at the same time, although I do start with a couple of fries first whilst they are hot.


Oh yea……

By far this is the best burger place in London so far. And I have been to a couple: Meat liquor, Tommy’s burger to name a few. I ordered the lamb burger which came with breaded zucchinis and aubergine on a crisp lettuce bed. It was just out of this world. I would happily eat here everyday.


And it definitely was! I think I will turn into a beef crack addict soon. DANGEROUS.

IMG_3542 - Copy

IMG_3548 - Copy


Something frozen to balance out the meat and fries was much needed and what better way to do that than with a pinkberry, although not sure how I was able to fit one in after a great burger.  Every time I am in Selfridges, I always pass by here.


I did a little wondering around and stumbled here. Mmmmmm tempting, but I think I will give this a miss. Maybe next time Godiva.

So a quick  review summary:

Best burger: Patty and Bun

Best fries: Honest burger

Best for Buzz: that’s a tough one, Honest Burger in Notting Hill has a great atmosphere, plus it is near a couple of bars so a great place for a night out. Patty and bun is in the best location if you want to hit the shops to work off some of the calories consumed.

Would love to hear about any other burger place that  anyone has been to that deserves a mention.


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