Christmas shopping stop over at Xenia hotel for a Sunday Prosecco Brunch

Christmas shopping stop over at Xenia hotel for a Sunday Prosecco Brunch

This hotel is a cute little gem located near Earls Court Station, in the heart of Kensington. It quite easy to miss if you don’t know that it is there as its camouflaged amongst other apartments and buildings on the same road, so now you all know about it, #youreaditherefirst.  It is a great location for those wanting to do some shopping in London. Christmas shopping stop over at Xenia hotel for Sunday prosecco brunch is calling. And you cannot go wrong with an Italian restaurant, let’s face it, they are the masters in the food industry.

If you are thinking of starting your christmas shopping early, then what better way to fuel yourself at Xenia hotel for their prosecco brunch first before the big shopping spree. It is available on the weekend only from 10am-2pm and priced reasonably at £45 per person which includes the buffet of fruit, cereals, cheese, pastries, yoghurts, eggs mushrooms and and bottomless prosecco for 90 minutes.

They call it the ‘leisure free flowing prosecco brunch’ which is certainly is. I don’t drink alcohol so I settled for a virgin bloody Mary instead which was a good option. On offer are a range of juices and teas also for those that fancy it.

I started of with a Italian coffee, some pastries and fruit.

Eggs florentine was a good choice. You can choose from Eggs Royal, Florentine or Benedict. They also have scrambled eggs , mushrooms and tomatoes available to pick as you please.

The apple cake was more like a bread type dessert which was delicious, especially when topped with butter and jam. The jam selection is something else. You will be spoilt for choice with their Sicilian jam specialities with flavours of raspberries, marmalade, strawberries and different types of honey. I am more of a butter and honey type of girl.

It was a shame the weather was a bit chilly as the outdoor terrace would have been beautiful. They do however have outdoor heating so it is definitely worth checking out when you head here.

Feel free to wonder around the hotel after or rest in the lobby area before you head for shopping. Harrods and Harvey Nichols is a short bus ride away and High Street Kensington is probably about 5-10 minutes away in an uber, ( that is if the Uber guy doesn’t do a ‘cancel ride’ on you).

Where are your go to places for Sunday prosecco brunch? Be sure to check out Xenia Hotel’s prosecco brunch and let me know your thoughts below.

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