Being in an introvert/extrovert relationship

Being in an introvert/extrovert relationship

An introvert paired up with an extrovert, is that a match made in heaven? How do you make a relationship like this work?relationships

As the cliche line goes…”opposites attract”. But do they really? I had a conversation with my friend on this the other day and I have to kind of agree with this statement, but only to some extent. I mean an extroverts behaviour is completely different to an introvert and I can see where and how conflicts would arise. But that is relationships for you, you sometimes have to agree to disagree.

These are my tips views on how to make a relationship work with an introvert/extrovert combo. ( Disclaimer: I am no expert)

1-Understanding the difference between the two.

I think it is important to understand the meaning between the two and see how you fit into the categories. An introvert connects with their internal feelings for comfort whereas an extrovert relies on external sources for stimulation and to some extent happiness.

2-Being flexible and understanding

If the guy for example is an extrovert and loves going out whilst the wife/partner is more comfortable with sitting in front of the TV with a remote in her hand and flicking through Netflix then so be it. But lay down the rules in the first instance. Being an extrovert doesn’t justify daily nights out leaving your partner alone at home. A night or two a week is acceptable in my books. Also if you are both together out with friends, agree on a fixed time that you will be together in the night and if you want to part ways (introvert makes an exist straight home) towards the end of the night, then that is acceptable.

3-Schedule in  couple time

Be it on a Friday night or weekend, date nights are a must. It keeps the spark going in a relationship and it is nice to be in a different environment, out of the house and have some fun.

4- A passive aggressive introvert is poisonous to any relationship

There is no point in you telling him/her you can go out with your friends, yet text them all night, grill them the next day and make their lives a living hell. Express your feelings there and then and be truthful about it.

5- Don’t try to change the other person

An introvert doesn’t take well to change. Asking your introvert partner to come out of their comfort zone will only cause arguments. Equally asking an extrovert to put a dampen on his wild nights or stop him/her from socialising wouldn’t go down well neither.  As my mother always says ‘you cannot change anyone’ but you can change your behaviour. Now that is certainly true.

What are your views on this? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle? What are your relationship experiences? I would love to hear about it.




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