Beifall (Cheers) To Bodo Schloss For a Great Evening



My new obsession! Read on to find out why.

This cute Alpine restaurant/nightclub in Kensington is loud and buzzing and I promise you, a great night is guaranteed here! I slipped on a dress (although with the weather being damp, I should have opted for trousers) and a pair of black heels and made my way to Kensington. My friends have been raving about this place, but just haven’t had the chance to visit. But after this visit, I think I will have to go each week to make up for lost time. It was that fab!


You are seated on wooden tables with checked table-cloth  surrounded by Skiing memorabilia.

I don’t know if it was just this night, but every table was loud and jolly and just having a good time.


Menu was filled with Austrian style dishes, so everything from steaks, burgers, Winter Schneitzel  to stews. I was in the mood for a chicken salad.


Friends ordered lamb stew with roasted gnocchi and nuts on the side (looked delicious) and burger and fries.IMG_3801


I fell in love with the Austrian ski lodge type decor. The waitresses and waiters were all dressed in Lederhosen.


This table was just having way too much fun judging by the amount of cheers and laughter made throughout the night.


This landed on our table. So we took a sip, not sure what it was.


At about 11 O’ clock, tables start to clear to one side and the place transforms into a nightclub and becomes filled with party animals. So we danced the night away.

The crowd was very mixed from students to working people to foreigners. Although I did think the crowd was very young. (Erm so was my company)! My friends from Egypt were promised a great night and indeed they got more than what they bargained for. I would definitely recommend this place if you need something to lift your spirits, for a buzzing birthday venue or if you are in need for a ‘girls want to have fun’ night.



Good night Bodo Schloss, I will be back!







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