Aubaine for lunch

Aubaine for lunch

With the Christmas sales in full swing, you want to be able to plan ahead as to where you will take a quick breather, some place where you can drop your bags and relax and have a bite to eat. If you are a Selfridges kind of person, then Aubaine for lunch it is for you. Christmas shopping

Shopping in Selfridges can be hectic I know and with all those floors to roam around, you will for sure work up an appetite. If you are a mom, a sit down time out session is probably needed sooner than most people.

Thanks Aubaine for accommodating me and the tot for a fabulous lunch in between our Big Fish Little Fish event.

Set on the second floor, we got a window seat which entertained the tot. He was gazing out the window telling me what everyone was doing. I would rather that than him causing havoc throwing napkins and forks on the floor.

selfridges shopping, aubaine for lunch

First came the bread whilst we waited for the food. We talked some more about our day and as usual, he entertained me with his phrases.

French restaurant, aubaine for lunch

To start we had the calamari, always a winner and it was a huge hit with the tot.

French dining, aubaine for lunch

He hardly touched his lobster spaghetti which was delicious. They do not specifically have a kids menu but are willing to do kids portions. This is a must try if you go here. The generous lobster bisque sauce that smothered  the spaghetti was enough to satisfy ones appetite.

selfridges for lunch christmas shopping

I chose the chicken breast with potato and broccoli.

fruit tartaubaine for lunch, fruit tartEnding nicely with a fruit tart and Green tea.

Located on the second floor amongst the shoes, it is the perfect place to stop by after shopping. If you are anything like me and take about 2 hours to buy two pairs of shoes, then you will need a sit down session pretty soon.

Anyone seen any good bargain places for shoes? Do tell and share.







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