Already putting pen to paper to start My New Years Resolution list

Already putting pen to paper to start My New Years Resolution list

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I know what you are all thinking, its only the beginning of December, but what is that saying, ‘there is no time like the present’? There sure isn’t! On New Years day, I tend to feel a bit yuk, feeling too bloated from the large intake of Turkey and chocolate over the Christmas period and emotionally feeling a little all over the place thinking about what I should be doing to kick off the New Year to a great start, so I figured that I would be in a better head space if I started putting pen to paper to make my list now.

Here is my list, although not complete.


I am a huge hoarder, from anything like clothes to books, jewellery, you name it. I am having a room clear out right now which seriously needs to be finalised. I have come across ‘ancient’ belongings that I do really need to get rid off. We all have sentimental items that we can’t get rid of. I found my first ever lipstick I brought way back in my sixth form when I was 16 years old (yup a late starter with make-up)- Rimmel called Sherry. I think this needs saving, don’t you think? It was my first ever make-up piece I brought.

2-Get organised

Although I am getting better at this day by day. I like to write a ‘to do list’ now and make a conscious effort to do one everyday. It keeps me motivated and allows me to plan a little better. I picked up a lovely Karl Lagerfeld diary from the Chanel exhibition recently, and I am uber excited to start using it in 2016.

3-Sweat it out

I really do need to start exercising regularly. Classes really aren’t for me and I tell you one of these days I would probably get told off. I am the girl who sneaks out of a yoga class half way through because of sheer boredom. Either that or I turn up half an hour late. So I figured running is a better way to keep fit and healthy. It is cheap,  and doesn’t require any travel time. The only downfall is that it is very weather dependent. And no I won’t be one of those lunatics that run in the rain, for one reason only (those that know me would guess it) , MY HAIR OF COURSE! Duh…

4-Do regular blog post

This is really an ongoing resolution every year. I think I will set my goal as three-four  posts a week and keeping them short and concise for those short attention spam peeps out there.

5-Work on myself

A few personal goals need addressing and things I need to move forward with:) This is for my ears only.

So there you have it. I plan on closing the doors of 2015 to make 2016 a fresh start with new dreams and goals. As lost frequencies would say ”Are you with me?”

What are your New Years Resolution lists? Please do share. Don’t forget to add me on snapchat:salsool30



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