The best steak and fries in town- Le Renaise de Venise

The best steak and fries in town- Le Renaise de Venise

I generally jump to the idea of a lunch date and especially if it in the company of another mum . The thought of escaping the tantrums of a screaming toddler, having a natter and sharing motherhood tips is always appealing. Although on this occasion, I had no choice in leaving the little monster behind so he became part of my accessory for the day. My mood was in dire need of lifting so I totally embraced an afternoon with the lovely company of Becca over best steak and fries in town- Le Relais De Venise with open arms. Only the French do it well.


Being a mum, I feel like I am constantly questioning my decision making and often ask myself am I telling him off too much? Is he learning enough? Is he progressing the way he should? Am I too strict? But I think every mother out there is pretty much thinking along the same path as me. Am I right? We are notorious for judging how we bring up our kids and are often very harsh with ourselves. If your a mum and reading this then give yourself a pat on the backšŸ˜ƒ We deserve it.

I should write a book on motherhood and title it ‘The trials and tribulations of a single mom’. I sure do have a lot to say on the matter.

So anyway back to the steak and fries- Le Relais De VeniseĀ which is located in Maryleborne, Canary Wharf and now Soho is seriously the best in town I reckon for steak and fries. For all you yummy mums in the area, I have one amazing idea for you all.

Get ready for it…

Pack the kids/tots/babies off to school/nursery, grab all your mummy friends together and head down to Maryleborne Lane for lunch and indulge in the following:

IMG_1884L'entrecote saladA plate of fresh salad with crunchy walnuts topped with mustard sauce to start with (amazing).

IMG_1890IMG_1888L'entrecote maryleboneSome soft and tender steak smothered in a delicious ‘special’ sauce thereafter. The recipe of the sauce remains closely guarded by the family and in fact to this date has not been replicated successfully. The fries are divine, especially when dunked and dipped into the sauce.

IMG_1901IMG_1903IMG_1904A great selection of mouth watering desserts. I went for the Le Sevigne- a chocolate cake drenched in dark chocolate sauce topped with a creamy ball of vanilla ice-cream and a generous amount of cream for completeness and BeccaĀ chose the Les Tartelettes au Citron which were seriously the best lemon tarts I have tried in a long time.

IMG_1882The best thing about this place is that you walk in knowing exactly what you are going to have without having to faff around too much with menu choices . The only dish served is steak and fries and all you have to decide on is how you like your steak cooked. That is simplicity at its best. The awesome-ness doesn’t just end there, besides the simple menu and great food element, you can also indulge in a second helping of steak and fries:) I say Oui to that, although I must say, I have to have harsh words with my #foodporn addictive mind and immediately squash those fries cravings if I am to save myself from an afternoon of an uneasy bloated feeling. So with that in mind, I opted for just steak which I was pretty content with since it comes with another helping of that delicious sauce.

IMG_1896Plenty to go around. That sauce though, I almost wanted to lick the plate clean. If there is anyone out there that can replicate it, please do share with me.

Have I got all you yummy mummy’s ringing around grouping together all your besties for a lunch date yet?



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