20 random facts you didn’t know about me

20 random facts you didn’t know about me

You think you can tell a lot from ones pictures on social media but it doesn’t actually reflect ones real life situation. I have put together 20 random facts about me that I bet you didn’t know.20 random facts you didn't know about me

People often say to me I love your blog, you look like you are doing well with it and go to so many events. But what it doesn’t show my daily struggles, how busy I get everyday and how hard it is to balance everything I do. I tell you, I could do with an extra 5 hours in a day, that’s all I need, just 5.

20 Random facts you didn’t know about me

1-My favourite type of flowers are Daffodils and received a gorgeous bunch from the tot on Mothers Day

2- When I was younger I would always sleep at 8pm, I even missed my aunties wedding once because I was too tired and fell asleep. I still to this day tell my mum off for not waking me up

3-I was obsessed with my dummy when I was younger

4-I love my apples and eat an apple a day

5-I am the worlds worst liar, I end up laughing in someones face if I lie

6-I was a virgin before I got married and I have never touched alcohol in my life. When people meet me, they don’t believe me because I am so bubbly and outgoing.

7-I used to watch Egyptian films and series a lot when I had the time

8- My favourite book is the Twilight Saga

9-I hated Physics at school

10-A group of boys at university would tease me and call out blow job lips every time I walked past them. Immature I know. I actually would kill to have smaller lips, people think I am mad to want this when girls are paying hundreds of pounds to plump them up

11-I had my first kiss at 16 years old in an elevator

12-I am dying to see Sydney and want to take a picture of a koala bear

13-I was and still a huge fan of the Back Street Boys and Britney Spears

14-I don’t understand girls who wear pumps without pop socks

15-I love coconut chunks and eat them almost everyday. Tesco mini packs are my favourite

16-I found breast-feeding the most painful thing ever

17-I sneakily take out most the sweets from the tots party bag before I give it to him. He loves his sweets way too much

18-I hardly carry cash around because I end up spending it too quickly. I am a bad saver

19- My dream home is a detached house with a swimming pool, a huge garden and big white balconies for BBQs in the Summer

20- I fall in love with my heart and leave my mind behind.

How many of these did you know about me?



  1. March 28, 2017 / 5:52 pm

    Hi Sarah! Loved to know a bit more about you!
    We have some things in comum : I hated breast-feading too because it was too painful and hate more the people who thinks that that’s an obligation of every woman to do it.
    I’m a bad saver too 🙁 but I have tons of shoes :). – I’m really addicted to shoes.

    My dreamy destination is Australia too but I’m sure I will never go there because I’m absolutely terrified to fly ( I can’t handle more than 3/4 hours in a aeroplain and always with pills to sleep…)

    So glad to know you better, keep up the good work sweetie!



    • admin
      March 28, 2017 / 10:09 pm

      ditto with the shoes hehe.

      Oh but you got to get over the terrified flying thing:) Australia is calling you hehe

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