10 Random Facts About Me

10 Random Facts About Me

Do you think you all know me? Not even my closest friends would have knows some of these. My 10 random facts about me to feast your eyes on.10 random facts about me

Here are 10 random facts about me.

1-Biggest achievement in life: having a baby
2-Obsessed with beauty and fashion and adoreeeee baking cakes
3-Nothing excites me more than a new stamp in my passport and getting my feet dirty in  a new country
4-Always dreamed of being a tennis champion, being 31, I think I have passed my sell by date. Watch out son, I think your career path has already been chosen for you:)
5-All time favourite song: David Gray -Be mine
6-Love eating out and discovering new restaurants in London
7-I ALWAYS visit pharmacies in foreign countries and compare their over the counter medicines to here ( sound strange to you? I’m a pharmacist so I guess it’s expected)
8- Repulsed by bad fashion sense, especially bad shoe taste!
9- Hate fake and jealous people. I have a handful of true friends (you know who you are) which is far better than 100 acquaintances.
10-Feel at peace when I’m by the River Nile or if it’s at least in sight. Nothing can beat that view for me.

That is my 10 random facts about me.

Give me your 10 random facts, or at least a couple. Come on shock me.


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