Wedding of the year in Sintra-Part 1

This post is a tad late, I was just so overwhelmed with work and life in general that my posts have been a little all over the place. I am sure we have all had moments like these. I often feel like I have too much on the go and trying to juggle too many tasks. Planning, planning and planning I reckon should fix this. So this is throwback to wedding of the year in Sintra.img_6651

I was uber excited to see my brother marry his soul mate:) There is nothing that puts a smile on my face more than seeing people get married and especially when it is in one of your family members.  My parents couldn’t have been happier and couldn’t wait to see him walk down the aisle to the gorgeous Amal.  I was think that it must be tough being parents ( I know the feeling now), when you have children, you kind of worry about who will they end up with and when will they get married. Oh the joys of parenthood.


So we arrived in Sintra on a hot Summers afternoon (making me feel like this is a major throwback memory when I can sense the cold air hitting my back as I write this post and wearing thick socks to keep my toes warm).

Bags were dropped off at the hotel and I made a quick change before heading out to Quinta da Regaleira. This place was mind-blowing. It’s a 20th Century residence which is split over five floors with beautiful gardens and tunnels. I was amazed me to say the least and the tot thoroughly enjoyed himself, racing up and down tunnels and stair cases, lighting candles in the church and playing hide and seek (not funny at times).img_6633

We started off on the stepping-stones with the little one accidentally putting his feet in the water a number of times.img_6628Just look at this!

Anything with water amazes him.img_6656img_6670

img_6653Playing catch me if you can.

img_6671 Stopping for a few selfies here and there.img_0686

After all that climbing and going down tunnels, we had worked up an appetite and headed straight to Romaria de Baco for some seriously amazing Portuguese food. A definite must try here in Sintra. If you want to read more on this place, see my previous post, it will have you licking your screens.

The pictures speak for itself! No caption needed.img_6698IMG_6718img_6694img_6732

The day wrapped up nicely with a pumpkin pie and ice-cream.

The next day started off with a kick ass breakfast at the Tivoli Palacio de Seteais which I must say is a stunning hotel, a must see if you do visit Sintra.

There was eggs.img_6753

The bread was delicious and fruit selection even better. It was sure a hit with the tot who ate his way through three slices of watermelon everyday.img_6754

But the highlight was this french toast, probably the best I have ever tried, not greasy and certainly not too sweet, it was just right.img_6757

After the morning fuel, we headed off for some more exploring of the country and headed to Lisbon.

Our ride up the hill to see the gorgeous view of Lisbon.img_6774

img_6779img_6777After dipping in and out of shops and walking the cobbled streets,img_6808img_6797We headed to the famous Time out Mercado de Ribeira for a bite to eat, well when I say ‘we’, I meant ‘I’, the tot just wasn’t interested.img_6804img_6805

Steak and shrimp sandwich smothered in a sauce (have no idea what it was), topped with melted cheese and a fried egg! I died and gone to heaven at this point.

After some more walking around, we stopped off for a quick crepe (the worst I have ever tasted, don’t let the picture fool you) and headed back to Sintra for the ceremonial wedding and then henna party.img_6826

It was time for us girls to let loose and dance the night away, before joining the men later in the evening for some food and mingling:) It seems to be the trend right now at hen parties that the two sides end up meeting and partying the night away together!

Stay tuned for my next post on the events leading up to the wedding, including the wedding itself:) I want comments on what you think of the dress also.





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